BEX64 crash on starting FIFA 15

Unplug your Saitek joystick!

6 October 2014
Played on Windows

If you purchased a copy of FIFA 15 expecting it to load like any other game would, are facing freezes or crashes on starting the game, and have a Saitek joystick plugged in, try unplugging it. For some reason, the EA Sports title refuses to load when a Saitek joystick is plugged in. Unplugging it instantly solves the issue. FullMetalMonkey's post on the EA support forums highlights the solution to the issue.

It's absolutely not okay to require unplugging a device to get a game to load, and it's absolutely not okay that the game will crash on start with no explanation of the error. It's also absolutely not okay that, on describing the problem in detail to the EA support team, they would suggest running memory tests or updating graphics drivers. The crash report should have been sent to a developer who is able to diagnose the issue properly (something that end users are not able to do) and provide a useful response.

On another note, having a set of racing pedals plugged in will cause a constant "down arrow" action in the menus due to the game registering the accelerator pedal as a control device. This is outrageous and there is no way any developer should be allowing pedals to be controlling a football title. Lazy PC port practices strike again here, and I was required to unplug the racing wheel and pedals too. But hey, at least the game loads with those plugged in, unlike the Saitek joystick.

Windows Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

Once again we are faced with another example of why EA earned the title "worst company in the world" on multiple occasions. "We can do better" is certainly a goal, but one to which the PC version of FIFA 15 is not aspiring. It is bug-ridden, performs poorly, if at all, and suffers from all the hallmarks of a "shove it out the door quickly" approach to PC ports.

None of this is okay, and while FIFA 15 in its working state is a genuinely fun experience, getting to that experience certainly is not.