WRC 9 versus Dirt Rally 2.0 on controller

Thoughts from an experienced sim racer

WRC 9 hit the shelves recently but what is it? Rally simulation? Rally arcade? What's it like to play on a controller rather than a steering wheel?

Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) stuck on loading screen with a blue bar

It's Microsoft - did you expect to have a "good" experience?

Suggestions for how to fix this annoying issue and get started.

How downloading GOG Galaxy 2.0 enhanced my gaming experience

It's the small things...

The diversification of gaming platforms on Windows has made it more difficult than ever to keep your collection organised. Until GOG Galaxy 2.0 came along.

We keep forcing professionals to play the wrong eSports

Formula One drivers don't belong in arcade games

Taking a deeper look at the parallels between some video games and real life, and why the closest matches aren't always chosen when given to professionals in…

PS5 versus Xbox Series X expandable storage

Fighting the peripheral war, one overcharged customer at a time

Sony's latest PlayStation 5 reveal makes it clear that gamers will be able to buy off-the-shelf SSDs to expand their storage, in stark contrast to Microsoft's…

Proprietary Xbox Series X expandable SSD hard disks

Microsoft's product development team is lost at Sea… gate

This week in "dumb": the Xbox Series X will only be able to play games from its internal storage, or from proprietary external storage designed to fit only this…

Why you should check out GOG Galaxy 2.0

One launcher to rule them all

As the number of game launchers is ever-increasing, wouldn't it be nice to be able to launch, catalog, and view your entire collection from one place? Luckily…

Emulation on Steam Link

The art of living room gaming without a console

Exploring the world of PC-based emulation with Retroarch, on the big TV

Why Gran Turismo Sport is a milestone

For console racing games

Gran Turismo Sport takes a very different approach from most console racing games, and it has managed to set itself apart in a major way.

Improving racing games

An open letter to developers

The racing genre faces a problem: the same mistakes are made by developers time and time again, but, as gamers, we might not even be aware that there’s better…


Measuring the Fun

What elements make PUBG fun and what take it away again?