WRC 9 versus Dirt Rally 2.0 on controller

Thoughts from an experienced sim racer

WRC 9 hit the shelves recently but what is it? Rally simulation? Rally arcade? What's it like to play on a controller rather than a steering wheel?

Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) stuck on loading screen with a blue bar

It's Microsoft - did you expect to have a "good" experience?

Suggestions for how to fix this annoying issue and get started.

Wrench Game Early Access review

Torque dirty to me

When Car Mechanic Simulator is not enough mechanics or simulation, you end up with Wrench, an indie title that aims to do more. But does it tighten the formula…

How downloading GOG Galaxy 2.0 enhanced my gaming experience

It's the small things...

The diversification of gaming platforms on Windows has made it more difficult than ever to keep your collection organised. Until GOG Galaxy 2.0 came along.

Foxhole Review (Early Access)

Learning to Love the Slow War

Foxhole is an unusual game, focusing just as much on the logistics and manufacturing behind warfare as on the combat itself.

Emulation on Steam Link

The art of living room gaming without a console

Exploring the world of PC-based emulation with Retroarch, on the big TV

State of Decay 2 Review

Stale and Decayed

Back in 2013, a small “indie” game arrived on the Xbox 360. The zombie survival genre was nothing new, but this was different. It was State of Decay, an…

Assassin’s Creed Origins Review

The best yet, but what next?

Once a yearly franchise, the Creed series has taken a breather prior to Origins, and it shows. This is the best Assassin’s Creed of the lot, but does that make…

F1 2017 Review

Churning Out the Annual Releases

I took advantage of the Steam free weekend for F1 2017.

GearCity Review

Clunks and Rattles

You're the boss of an automotive company, from 1900 onwards.

Subnautica Review


The entire world, apparently, is loving Subnautica right now. I'm left scratching my head.

Automation Review

Valve Float Detected

Automation aims to be an incredibly detailed simulation of car and engine design and manufacture.

Production Line Review

Braking Expectations?

Let's face it: car manufacturing simulation is a bit of a niche. Where any gaming niche is concerned, there's going to be a higher concentration of die-hard…


Measuring the Fun

What elements make PUBG fun and what take it away again?

Cooler Master Mastercase H500P review

As cool as it gets?

Great cable management, a roomy interior, and more fans than a Justin Bieber concert. Worth the price tag?

A Steam Link review

Is the Steam Link necessary? Worthwhile? Any good?

Originally touted as a new way of experiencing video games, the Steam Link has been revolutionary for some, tepid at best for others, and positively a waste of…

BEX64 crash on starting FIFA 15

Unplug your Saitek joystick!

If you have a Saitek joystick plugged in, try unplugging it.

The Typing of the Dead: Overkill Review

They're not zombies, they're mutants!

Typing is usually a necessary evil. But what if it were made into a game, and your typing skill was assessed in terms of the number of zom… sorry, mutants, you…

Creative Assembly to charge £2 for "gore" DLC

The Gory Details

When is it okay to charge for content like gore, and not just give it out as part of the game?