publisher and developer

Microids logo
Founded in January 1985
Based in Paris, France

Microids (stylized as Microïds) is a French video game company founded in 1985 by Elliot Grassiano. Microïds focused on game development for the first 10 years, before expanding into publishing and distribution in 1995.

The company is well known for developing adventure games like Syberia, Syberia II,  Still Life and Amerzone. Microïds' headquarters are in Montrouge, Paris, France and Montreal, Canada.

Microïds and Wanadoo Edition mergered in 2003, creating a new company named MC2-Microïds.

In March 2005 it was announced that Ubisoft had acquired Microïds' Canadian development studio, to merge it with Ubisoft Montréal. Microïds Canada was responsible for titles like Syberia and Still Life. The deal only included 50 of Microïds Canada's employees, and no projects and intellectual properties were sold.

In 2007 the Microïds brand was reintroduced, and is used on all titles published by MC2-Microïds.

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